Interested to participate?

Presenting our projects


Great that you are interested in our project! What are the preconditions for your participation?

  • You speak Dutch or Slovene.
  • You use an Android smartphone.
  • You work between 80-100% in an academic setting.

Great that you are eligible to participate in our project, what do we expect from you?

  • The first step is a meeting with one of our researchers. In this meeting, we explain the project in detail and help set up all technical elements. During this briefing, you will receive your wristband and get access to our STRAW-app.
  • During the next 15 working days, data will be collected from both our STRAW-app and the wristband. All collected data is encrypted and collected anonymously and saved on a secure cloud. During the weekends data collection is halted, so there is no obligation towards our project. If any difficulties arise, somebody from the STRAW team is always available.
  • On the last day of the 3 weeks, a second meeting is scheduled. Here we uninstall the STRAW-app and the wristband is returned, we are also glad to receive any feedback.

You participated in our project, thank you! What can you expect from us?

  • During your participation, we are always available for questions.
  • At the end of your participation, we provide a report of your data.

Interested in learning more about the STRAW-project? Then contact our researchers!


The project is funded by the Research Foundation – Flanders, Belgium (FWO, Project No. G.0318.18N) and the Slovenian Research Agency (ARRS, project ref. N2-0081)